Navigating family crisis and conflict often comes with a lot of trauma, but we want to help you manage that! On Untying the Knots, family law attorneys Dawn Smith and Kristen Files explore what it means to be a modern family, redefine “normal”, and invite you to learn from their personal experiences with divorce, break-ups, and co-parenting. Dawn and Kristen add levity to these deeply important topics through their close-knit relationship and invite expert guests to join their raw, insightful, and surprising conversations. Expect these informative, and often humorous, discussions to leave you with necessary tools to survive the tangles of relationship dissolution while strengthening family ties.

JUL 8, 2020

Ep. 2 – Myths About Family

Should parents stay together for the kids? Does child support still take place if both parents are co-parenting amicably? In this episode of Untying the Knots, hosts Dawn and Kristen answer questions like these and unpack some of the most common, and often destructive, myths about family. They speak with Director of Research and Public Education for the Council on Contemporary Families, Stephanie Coontz, who (literally) wrote the book on the evolution of the modern family, and gain insight into how social structures created in the 1950s color our expectations still today. Listen to this episode to hear Dawn tell you the good news: your family is not “broken”.

JUL 1, 2020

Ep. 1 – Family Redefined

What is a normal, healthy family supposed to look like? And what happens when the white picket fence dream breaks apart? In this first episode of Untying the Knots, hosts Dawn and Kristen share their own experiences as both children of divorce and modern day co-parents themselves. Through their personal journeys of intentional healing, these two women have found a way to function within their new ideas of normal. Listen to this episode of Untying the Knots to find out what nickname Dawn has for her ex-husband’s wife. And spoiler alert, it’s actually pretty beautiful.

JUN 19, 2020

Ep. 0 – Introducing Untying the Knots

What does it take to holistically navigate family crisis? Is it possible to endure major family changes without the trauma? On the first season of Untying the Knots – launching July 1 – family law attorneys Dawn Smith and Kristen Files share tools and resources on the dos and don’ts of breaking up, co-parenting, financial safety, and more. With plenty of personal experience navigating family crisis themselves, Dawn and Kristen share their own stories as they sit with expert guests and discuss what it takes to survive the tangles and strengthen the ties.